Foodfarm plugins installation and configuration

Theme Installation

  • Open WordPress admin panel (e.g and go Appearance > Themes on admin sidebar and click “Add New” button.


  • After that, click Upload Theme link and upload zip package of Foodfarm theme. Once uploading theme is finished, it will install theme automatically.




  • You can click Activate link or go to Appearance > Themes on admin sidebar to activate theme.



Plugin Installation

1.First method

Install plugins via “Begin installing plugins” message.
After installing and activating the theme you will see the message about installing required plugins at the top of the page.
You should click Begin Installing plugins link in order to install needed plugins for Foodfarm theme.
You will be redirected to Install Required Plugins page, here you will find all of the theme required plugins. In order to install these plugins, you just need to check all of them and select install then click apply.

– Below are list of required plugins for Foodfarm.

2. Second method

Install plugins via WordPress Admin Panel.
Besides, you can install some plugins for Foodfarm by navigating Plugins > Add New in admin sidebar. After that, enter plugin name to search plugin and click “Install Now“.

When installation process is done, you can click Return to Required Plugins Installer and select active then check all plugins to active these plugin

3. Third method

Install plugins manually (Via FTP)
If you want to manually install plugins, you can follow some basic steps below.

  1. Download your WordPress Plugin to your desktop and extract plugin folder if it is a zip archive.
  2. With your FTP program, upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online.
  3. Go to Appearance > Plugins and find the newly uploaded Plugin in the list.
  4. Click Activate to activate it.

After finishing plugin install, you need to configure the plugins.


Plugin Configuration

1. Visual Composer

Please install and activate this plugin in order to config Visual Composer settings. If you do not know how to install, please see above section (Plugin installation) and follow instructions.
After installing and activating the Visual Composer, please go to Visual Composer > Role Manager. In the post types field, you should select Custom and check ‘block’ and ‘page’ checkbox . After making the changes, remember to click Save Changes button.

2. Foodfarm Latest Tweets

Navigate to Settings > Foodfarm Latest Tweets to access “Twitter API Authentication Settings” page. You need to enter Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access token and Access Secret and twitter username in order to get posts from your twitter account.
In order to get Twitter Access keys, you need to create Twitter Application:

  1. Go to and log in, if necessary.
  2. Supply the necessary required fields, accept the Terms Of Service, and solve the CAPTCHA. Submit the form by clicking the Create your Twitter Application.
  3. Go to the API Keys tab and copy the consumer key (API key) and consumer secret from the screen into our application.

3. Foodfarm Instagram Feed

Navigate to Settings > Instagram Settings to access “Instagram Settings” page. You need to enter Access token and User ID of your instagram account in order to get images. Remeber to click Save Changes to save information.

4. MailChimp for WP

Go to MailChimp for WP > MailChimp to access general setting page of MailChimp. You should connect to your mailchimp account by entering API Key.
Navigate to MailChimp for WP > Forms in admin sidebar and click Save Changes.
5. WP Knowledgebase

Go to WP Knowledgebase > Settings to access general setting page. You should click Save changes for WP Knowledgebase works effectively.

For more detail instructions about demo installation, using shortcodes and widgets in foodfarm, please click in button bellow.
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