Plugin Installation

In order to install plugins in wordpress, you can go to admin panels of your wordpress site and click to Plugins > Add New.

  • Using Admin Panel Search Options.


  1. Enter the plugin name to input box to search plugins. Choose plugins and click Install Now link.
  2. plugininstall1

  3. Make sure that you click on Activate the plugin, now you have installed the WordPress plugin. You would have to configure the settings to fit your needs.


  • Using Upload Plugins button

If the plugin you want is not in the WordPress Plugin directory, then you can upload plugin zip file to wordpress site to install it.

  1. Firstly, you need to download zip file of the plugins from the source , then go to your WordPress admin panel. Click on Plugin » Add New. Then click on the Upload Plugins button. You will see screen like the picture below.
  2. Click Choose File and upload zip file of the plugin.plugininstall4
  3. After that, you should activate plugin via Activate Plugin link.plugininstall9

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